Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Been a While....


Wow July 


I want to get back into blogging so today is as good as any right!  I am mainly keeping this blog so I can keep track of my sewing, quilting and knitting projects if I choose to do so...

For me it was a rough late fall/winter season health wise..still have issues and hope to get some sewing time in to do a Laundry Day Tee thanks to Judy at Patchwork Times and I sincerely mean that...I have not sewn clothing since my daughter was two!  I will not say how old she is now!  
I need to order fabric still.  I did sign up at Love Notions for multiple reasons...no cost..I purchased the Laundry Day Tee half price...get the newsletter, joined the Facebook group :) follow the blog, so much to learn and see.  I love something new to learn!  My eyesight is not good but this is just for me.  It passes the time... and thats what I need.  

Now onto the fabric sites to decide on fabric...knits are too hot for me...but I imagine a lightweight knit will be fine..I will check the Facebook group get advice...It will be interesting with two 20 months old rag doll sisters in my home seeing what they will do while I try this new adventure with them by my side...they just arrived here and we are thrilled..two mink rag dolls their owner couldn't keep due to allergies.  Fun times ahead..

In the knitting world I working on a shawl by Melanie Berg, Sunwalker.  I will post a picture tomorrow.  

Happy Crafting.