Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nutbud Quilter..

Faith from Nutbud Quilter is in need of some cheering up! Her dog Scratch had to have his leg amputated a couple of weeks ago..which Faith was attending to very well..and really caring for Scratch when she had an episode of no feeling on one side of her body! Faith was rushed to the hospital, had multiple tests, and was diagnosed with MS. I have her address and would be more than happy to email it to you..even if you can send a card, or postcard, or a little something to cheer her up it would be appreciated..

Friday, June 27, 2008

Last Weekend in June!

Last weekend in June can you believe it? I wonder where the time goes? I finished my Lap Quilt, with the Strawberry Lemonade is just to have around the house, or use at a picnic...what a fun quilt to make!

I purchased this Thimbleberries Melon TableRunner Kit from Keepsake Quilting in 2006 on sale! I didn't realize I had it until I was rearranging my sewing I figured I would make it to use for the summer...I do not like fusible not want to do that as a staple in my quilting life...I do have to quilt it..maybe just an 'in the ditch' and bind it.

Have a great sewing weekend everyone!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Strawberry Lemonade ~ Woody Loves IT!

I am making a quilt with fabric I purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop..Strawberry Lemonade is the fabric line....Woody loves the bright colors so he gave me such a hard time while sewing this...he was always right on top of the fabric...I would lock him in the bedroom and he would find a way to open the door. Well the top is done...and here is a portion of it...with him on might just be his little quilt because if he is not locked in the bathroom, when I have this out to work on, he is snuggling up to it! This is what I have been doing. I will post a picture of it when it is completed...all by it's lonesome long as Woody is held by my he won't be in the them but pain in the butts....they love fabric!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jackie is Having a Give Away!!!`

Jackie is having a give away! Go check it out!! See the bag she made also and read about Rolo her cat!!! She does gorgeous ..if you want to enter a contest go girl go!!!

What Have You Been Up To

I made some pillowcases, standard size, with Thomas the Train fabric! Boy, was that fun! I have two grandsons and they both love Thomas. A friend of mine from Texas sent me the fabric and I knew right away what it was for! I also made some other standard pillowcases, what my granddaughter would call "pretty" two will go to the granddaughters..I enjoy sewing and with the weather so hot here this past week it was tough to get up the energy to do anything! At one point here in Nashua it was 102 degrees last week. I am hoping this week stays cooler, yes in the 70's is great!
My husband is still out of work, he was laid off in January of this year. He was a retail manager. June 24 his unemployment runs out and here in NH there are no extensions on unemployment! He has tried to find work in stores, calls every day, asking if they are hiring, and the answer is no all the I am asking for prayers! He will take anything for a job and still can't find one. I believe we are heading or in a recession...Times are tough for a lot of people I if you can keep us in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it!