Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Give A Way ~Yes a Gorgeous Quilt!!!!

I suggest you go to Camille's site, Thimble Blossom's, to see a gorgeous quilt!! Read her blog and enter to win the Bloom Quilt!! I suggest you go to her site and you will drool, yes sit there with your mouth open and say to yourself how gorgeous her quilts are!! Camille is an inspiration for sure!!! I better get working on my UFO's for sure!! Have a great day!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Whew What a Week!

Our prayers were answered this week! Above is our grandson ~ Sy~ he is 2 years old, will be 3 in September. He caught that nasty virus that is going around. This past Monday he was so sick, and after going back and forth to the emergency room, and his pediatrician, he ended up in the hospital for three days. Our little guy came home tonight and is doing better! Of course as grandparents, seeing your children upset and grandchild so sick is heartbreaking. Now we will all get some rest and hope he remains stable and improves daily. The great thing is the weather is warmer here in NH and we saw some sun! We have had more rain, snow and clouds in the past month or two! It is depressing!
In between having friends and family over I am also knitting another dishrag. I think the patterns I have are too big. The finished size of the rags are 8.5x8.5. I am going to make them smaller from now on. Maybe the ones I am making can be used as wash cloths hehehe!!! Anyone have any thoughts on that?
Woody has been his pesty self too! He has tangled the yarn numerous times by climbing into my knitting bag. If I do not put it inside a cabinet, behind closed doors, he will get at it. He will be 2. When do cats stop this antagonizing? No kidding..we love him and know yarn is fun for him!
Well off to bed for me ... until another day..when I can show a picture of the funky quilt..Erin