Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan!

My grandson turned 2 today! Ethan Christopher! So little man, Happy Birthday to you!!! We will celebrate next weekend!

This is my first dish cloth I have ever made! Yippee!! I knitted it, yeah I did. For me that is an accomplishment! It is a huge dish cloth. The pattern called for size 8 make a 10.5 inch cloth. Well next time I am using size 7 needles and having a finished size smaller. I do not like large dish cloths. I have not knitted since my daughter Keri was born 29 years ago! I couldn't remember much. I learned how to bind off last night from a book, thank God, or Yvonne would have received a phone call at 9 PM!

Let me introduce you to my new bunny! I designed her with my previous bunny makin experience from years ago when I owned Country Crafts in Massachusetts! I had a lot of fun making her...she is 16 inches tall and has printed fabric on the outer ears to match the dress! Let me know what you think!

This is Matty, or as my hubby calls her Matilda! Sewing Matilda! She is holding an old heirloom sewing spool. She is antique looking and has stitchery on her little pantaloons! I didn't get a good picture due to rushing to take one. I have fun making the dolls. Matty is 12 inches and made with medium tea stained fabric! I know you cannot see her dress but it has a little ruffle that goes around the lower half of her that is adorable. I designed the dress also; Matty is my own pattern too!
That is what I have been up to lately! Having fun making dolls and knitting. I would love to know what everyone else has been up to!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Top Of Ole Morning!

I just want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Gary and I are going out to lunch with friends today for corned beef and cabbage! I also will be having a Platinum Margarita..I just found out I absolutely love them! Now we usually do not drink but what the heck it is St. Patrick's Day so a drink to celebrate will be fine. With irish names and heritage...we will be happy today!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fun Time

Just wanted to say hello to everyone! I cannot believe St. Patrick's Day is going to be here already! Time is going by so fast it seems. I don't know whether to make corned beef and cabbage or not! Maybe I will for the 'cooking smell' of it! I do love corned beef, my hubby can take or leave it! I think it is also so salty, not good for my heart so I guess it will depend on my mood! I did have two of my grandchildren stay over and bought them special decorated cookies! This is little Ethan, who will be 2 on March 30! He loved the cookie! Can you tell! I love taking pictures of the kiddos when they are covered in frosting! He was so funny, he kept saying "oh grammie this is sooooooo good..."

I finished block five for the 'Journey of a Quilter' finally. I had forgotten to put the border stitchery on the block! Now I am going to finish up a few more things and enjoy being healthy again..we did go to the gym and that was fun. It has both indoor and outdoor pools. I need that for my legs so this gym was a Godsend for sure! My husband does go with me but that is fantastic! The owners are so nice there, the atmosphere is fun and that is just the beginning of it. I think for me the best thing, feeling in the world sort of is being in water! Maybe I should have been a fish!...Nemo!
Until tomorrow...have fun Erin

Friday, March 07, 2008

Saturday a Day to do what?

This is the Annie I made with the help of De's patterns and had a blast! I am NOT good at taking pictures so the coloring is not exactly right. I will cut patterns out next week.

I am really bummed today. I have been sick with a stomach virus for the past three days! I wanted to go to Yvonne's dad's wake this afternoon. I was just too sick to go. My daughter and her husband are going..Yvonne is my best friend. I know what it is like loosing your dad (my dad passed away May of 2006) and wanted to go for her as well as for me to say good bye to a wonderful, generous, caring, loving, patient....great father, husband, grand father, great-grandfather! He has gone on to heaven for sure! When I was in the company of Yvonne's parents they were always so vibrant and welcoming! Yvonne is just the same way!We have raised our children together but now I live about 25 miles away from her..sigh..and driving for me is tough most of the time so I do not see her much. We still keep in touch via Internet, phone and once in a while visits. I thank God for finding such a nice friend!

Off to get some more rest..oh and go to HFC'S record company and check out my son's new CD that is coming out March 11! I have to be honest..this music is not my cup of tea..hehehe..but I am so proud! Christopher is touring and playing and happy..Maybe your kids would be interested or even know who they are...we did buy some Cd's and will see them when they come to Nashua at the end of the month!

For those of you wondering what Woody is up to, well he is now getting tired of his food, wants shrimp and is aggravated! His ruff is growing quite nicely, but it is funny it curls when it gets wet and he reminds me having Santa's beard! Woody will be 2 years old May 31! He must weight 17 lbs! We measured his body length and yes he is 29"! We had to measure him because he does not fit in his post where he likes to sleep..time for a huge one if they sell them!!!

Some of you wanted the pattern for the Quilter's Journey block I posted! I purchased my BOM from the Buggy Barn I love their items..I am about done the center block..yippee!


On De's website, (where I purchased the pattern for the bunnies) is giveaway! Go enter to win and check out her site! She is a wonderful person! Wait until you see the bowls her husband makes too, along with her Annies and more!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Bunny..Oh Yeah!

Well what do you think? Like her? She is a primitive bunny I made and had a lot of fun doing it! Here she is making her debut with her pretty little paisley and polka dot dress! I felt like a little girl again..making her and her dress was a blast. I purchased the pattern from De! Her directions are very clear! I just love De!

Now here is the Block 5 of Journey of a Quilter.. (above) this kept me busy this past week with the grandchildren here. When they went to bed I relaxed and did some stitchery. I just love doing different things once in a while.

Now I am off to finish some Raggedy Annie's........and Kate's quilt!

Woody is having shrimp withdrawal..hehehe..since there hasn't been football on the television my hubby has not bought shrimp! He keeps giving me a girl..lady..I have had it with you both..he leaps mid-air to get my attention too! He tries to tackle me..ya me..all that does is trip me but that's OK..he has played with all the grandchildren, had tuna, salmon, and treats..spoiled he is! I will add pictures of Woody and the kiddies tomorrow..

Until tomorrow..

March 3 2008

I realized I have not posted in a month! That is terrible of me! I guess I am a slacker and am so sorry! We had the flu.. grandchildren came and stayed too! We have four grandchildren and have seen all of them quite a bit which has been very nice..they are 4, 2, 2, 23 mos.

I have been sewing some on the black, red and white crazy log cabin..all blocks are done and rows are put together. When the borders are on I will post a picture. I also did some stitchery and the center square of 'something' is just about done! I will also post a picture of that but not until that last word is done! I made a bunny too! So I will post pictures maybe tonight or tomorrow..we have had quite a bit of snow here..I am really hoping spring comes fast here in New England. An online friend from Vegas was telling me last night it was 80 degrees there and sunny!

More to come in the next couple days! Let me know what you have been working on!!

Until tomorrow!