Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkins out of My Patch!

The pumpkins are ready to be squared up and sent off to Brenda! Whew what a job! I loved doing them! They took my mind off of things to come with my medical issues. I will get them ready for mailing tomorrow! I will miss them sigh..they are everywhere! kidding...but will do it again sometime I am sure.. :) I was able to use up some of my stash.

It was rainy today here! But boy was it humid! I wanted to change something about me, I was tired of being sick all the time! I read that book "The Secret" and keep the positive images in my mind. I really do! Has anyone read that book? It is a great book! I just keep thinking OK, it is just in the put it in God's what can I change? OH the color of my hair? SO YES! I did it! My husband will be shocked when he comes home! I have been blonde all my I am well...drum roll...............
the box says...... well I figure summer blonde goodbye and I will go with... autumn or amber brown! Do I look Irish now? Oh boy I do! It makes my eyes look real blue now! what a shocker! Even Woody looked at me and ran into the sewing room and has been in there for three hours! I prodded him out by giving him shrimp! Yes and I wouldn't touch them, I took them out of the bag with a pair of scissors! So I can control the color of my hair so I will do that. Now I feel like I can handle something. Will it be the same color in the winter? I do not know. Maybe it will be hmmmm.... Winter Blue??? kidding....

I did my hair red for the Red Sox! Nah! I am not that crazy or am I?

Hey if it takes my mind off the things I don't want to think about it helps!

My next projects are a quilt for the two grand boys and I must say I received Judy Laquidara's new book Nine-Patch Extravaganza ( and the quilts will come from that book; a couple wall hangings; and to quilt what I have made. I ordered my book on There are many size quilts in the book. It is well worth buying.

I need to also do my needle punch projects I started. Anyone out there like needle punch? If so do you add material around as a border? I like it like that, then frame it. I like a primitive look. Oh and a good book to read, just another thought, The Wednesday Letters. What a great story about commitments, morals and family values.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beautiful Fall Day!

As I sit here and write this blog I am so fortunate to have a great view of the fall foliage. IT is breathtaking here in NH. The sun is glistening through the leaves, the chipmunks are running around trying to gather their nuts for the winter, the squirrels are fending them off so they can keep their finds, and leaves are falling so delicately to the ground! It is quiet and the breeze is so gentle right now. It is so nice and relaxing. You really cannot get the full effect of the colors because the sun is playing "peek-a-boo"!

At the same time I am praying for the people out in California as well as those in New Orleans. I am sure everyone has heard about the wild fires in California and more flooding in New Orleans. It makes you realize how much Mother Nature has control over us. In the end we have to put our faith in the lord and pray that everyone will be ok.

Now for better news I was very fortunate to receive a phone call from Cheryl Cohorn at who informed me that I won a Madeira jelly roll! I am so lucky!

If you have not done so, sign up for their newsletter The Jolly Jabber at

They have all sorts of informative things on fabrics, etc., along with recipes, and contests and maybe you too can win! Most of all they are an awesome shop, have great customer service and wonderful to work with! Their shipping is fast too!

Off to sew some pumpkins and wait for a call from my cardiologist. Let's hope that whatever the problem is, it will be a blip for now, as too many blips have caused a huge blob..hehehe it seems the more tests they do the more they find..

Oh anyone do any rug hooking? Just wondering if anyone has any input? need pointers..? advice?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

22 Pumpkins made..20 more to go..phew

Since I joined the Primitive Pumpkins swap I have been trying to sew the pumpkins. They have to be done and sent to Brenda by the 31st of October. I joined in late and do not want to be late in sending them. What a nice time of year to make Primitive Pumpkins! The leaves are all changed to their fullest fall colors now! They are gorgeous here where I live! We are fortunate enough to have a warmer fall too. I am not going to complain!
I want to get them done though so I can start on my fall wallhanging kit from the Fat Quarter Shop! If I don't get it done fall will be over and sigh..I do not want to wait til next year do I? NO! I have a list in my head of things I want to do..that is where it my head. Until these pumpkins are done...I am determined nothing else is getting done. Then I can move on. I guess I am to thing on my mind and I cannot put it aside and then go back to it. I hope when I am 70 or older I am not a royal bit%$ if you get my drift...then shoot me...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ideas needed

I found these fabrics above at a local quilt shop. the center one is the black background with white, the others are white with black. They are for card players I think! I saw them and thought of my sister in law. She has been asking me to make something, even small, for her, to bring her luck! She is an avid bridge player. Her screen name for IM is Sevenhearts2U! Thus the heart fabric you see too! Now I have to decide what to make. Of course I can add on with other fabrics and make a small quilt, or wall hanging. I can make a quilted chair pad, or what? Any ideas? I do not play cards or know anyone who plays bridge. Linda plays bridge weekly, goes to tournaments, and is quite involved. I have other fabrics in my stash if needed, blacks and whites. I will ponder some more until either I get the right idea or someone has it. I guess I will start Kate's quilt and continue making those 'pumpkins' hehehe....on number 5....and counting.

I am now making stuffed peppers! That will be our dinner tonight.

IT is rainy, dark, windy, BUT, the leaves are just gorgeous! The palate is perfect. Nature knows how to match colors to make a perfect leaf quilt for the birds!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Primitive Pumpkins

I am making pumpkins for a pumpkin swap! It is fun! I have to make 36 Primitive Pumpkins! I have two done, 34 more to go. I was assigned creme colored pumpkins with either a tan or beige background. I chose Buggy Barn fabrics. I also chose a green stem with Perle' Cotton 8 Color 783 (orange/gold) to do the stem stitch and blanket stitch and I did it by hand. That is what I worked on this weekend. I also had to wash and dry the fabrics. I used Lite Steam a Seam 2 by The Warm Company to fuse the creme fabric onto the beige fabric. While doing the pumpkins Gary and I watched Knocked UP, the movie! It was hilarious! We really enjoyed it! It was something we would not really have picked but our son mentioned we should watch it. We were glad we did.

This past Saturday Gary and I went to the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield Massachusetts! We saw the World Record Giant Pumpkin! 1,689 lbs! Talk about huge! I cannot imagine growing that and transporting that. The day was gorgeous, the crowds were in awe looking at this pumpkin!

We also saw a beautiful sand sculpture, some gorgeous flower arrangements, the rides and lots of food. There were numerous quilts to see also.

Well fairs are nice, crowds are not for me. I do love the fried dough though, or the fresh air, see the children go on the rides, painted faces, people just enjoying life. It creates nice memories.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

An October Thursday

I have not written much due to a very bad sinus infection. Now I am on meds, for three weeks, YUK! Sinus surgery is next, just finished knee arthroscopy. My bloodwork is not where it should be so once it is they will schedule sinus surgery. The doctor said it will not do any harm, but might help; if I do not have it done, I risk more pneumonia and hospitalization this winter; I have asthma and he wants me to have the surgery. I put it off for three years. Now it is time.


I just finished the top "Dolly's House" by Michelle Crawford of Flower Box Quilts. I loved making this. It is for our grandaughter, Shelby, who is 2. NowI have to stipple it and bind it. The fabric is by Red Rooster and was great to work with. Michelle was great to work with also when I had some questions regarding the pattern. The pattern was fantastic, the questions were just me needing to find out some things. I highly recommend her site. Michelle's designs were just featured in "The Quilter Magazine", her pattern Autumn Interlude was on the cover, other designs in the magazine, November 2007. See below!
There are some other patterns in this issue I love too. I am glad I purchased this magazine. I like to have some quick patterns around. Just in case I need a quick fix...if you know what I mean. I am not a tv watcher, cannot drive much, so sewing is my therapy.

I went to a new quilt shop near me a while back and bought some black and white fabrics to make a different kind of quilt. The pattern is Kwik Scrappy Log Cabin. I have never done an abstract sort of quilt. Our daughter Kate, who has a graphic design degree, loves black and white. I think since she is artsy, if that is a word, and she loves abstract designs, this will be perfect for her. A lot of photos in her home are black and white! OH I am throwing in a couple of fq's with chinese lettering in red just to give it a 'kick' but Kate has a little tatoo on her back with chinese lettering. I thought the quilt would have a little 'tatoo' huh?

I did get involved in a Primitive Pumpkin exchange thanks to Yvonne from Quilting Down the Stairs! I am looking forward to that. is sponsoring the exchange, you can go on their site, look at the newsletter, and get the info if you are interested. Brenda is wonderful to work with! You can buy the book for the quilt pattern if you want to but no purchase is necessary! I must say the purchase of the book is well worth it. Brenda can get it for you for a great price. I can use some of my stash for the background which is wonderful.

It is just gorgeous today 71 degrees, leaves are changing and sun is out!
Woody is sleeping so I can sneak in the sewing room and snoop around without him getting into things! Have a good one!