Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

I have decided to start blogging again! Yeah it's been a long time! I hope to get more involved in projects, start finishing quilt tops I have stashed away as well as reconnect with blogger friends!

Happy New Year

Friday, March 02, 2012

February Color Palette Project Complete

I completed my project for Vicki's and Judy's February Challenge!  For me this was a tough one!  I wanted to use some Valentine's fabrics I had because I had a project I had previously worked on that had to get I pulled out my stash from that and started to ponder mm.

I always carry a notebook in my bag with me.. when I knit or in my handbag or pocketbook, whatever you gals call it! My notebook always gets torn up! So I made a notebook cover! It didn't come out the best but it is OK to throw in a bag! I used up some scraps and am happy! These are the colors we had to work from!

February - Figs
I had a lot of fun making my cover...everyone makes Kindle /Nook covers..IPad covers..maybe that will be my next project!  Or a sewing machine cover!  I need to make some quilts too..but I must say since I have had the notebook pages are not getting torn in the someone did ask why I prefer a notebook over the IPhone I carry with using Notes in the IPhone ...I use both!!  Ahhh the little things that make use happy..Plus  I have had situations that I have needed to leave someone a note..when they are not home and I have the paper with me!!!  This is my little Notebook!  Thanks everyone for stopping by!!! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Love Ruffles!

I decided to make a tote bag with ruffles for my Color Palette Challenge!  Color Challenge that Judy L. and Vicki Welsh are hosting together..You can find more info if you go to the button on the side of my blog!  I want to learn more about colors...Both Vicki and Judy are so inspiring to me!

This is the Color Palette Vicki Welsh gave us to work with!  Nice huh! 

I wanted to work with my stash!  So off I went looking through..and then I went to work...and made they are!

I put them on a canvas bag..

The put handles on!  I decided to put on a funky posies flower too!  I washed and dried the bag to make sure it held up in the tumble of everyday life!  It did!!!  Woo hoo!

I had fun!  That is what it was all about...and thanks to Judy and Vicki, I have a new bag..and some family members have asked I make them one so I am off to do that... (pictures are not that clear...I took with an IPhone, didn't get out the Nikon...)