Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Saturday

Last day of summer! I cannot believe it!

We had moved this summer, I had surgery, and let's just say it was not a good summer. This week my husband insisted on taking me to the beach to look at the ocean, relax a little and it was well worth it. I enjoyed the fresh ocean air! It is inspiring. The last time I had been to the beach was probably two or three years ago! Sad I must say. I have bad knees and it is very difficult to walk in the sand. My favorite place to be is the beach. I always have said that if I could I would live at the beach. The seagulls were plenty, looking for food. They are not shy at all! We only brought apples, water and books to read. When we were done with our apples believe it or not they ate our apple cores! I did find some seagull feathers! Those feathers reminded me of Forest Gump sitting on the park bench and a feather falling from the sky! Remember that? You never know what kind of chocolate you are going to get when take one from a box of chocolates? you bite into a chocolate and what kind is it? That got me to thinking about quilting. Then I thought I never know what I am going to sew next, quilt next, until I walk into a quilt store and look at fabrics, patterns, you never know what kind of quilt you are going to make. Then one thing kept going back and forth in my mind.... Forest Gump:Judy Laquidara.. I want to make one of her nine patches..funny how the mind works... see what the beach did for me? those seagulls....the beach....just that little time on the beach... I needed a little down time and now am ready to LOL?

Oh well it is Saturday..the 22nd of September, my dad would have been 70 today, I miss him so much. He had a great sense of family, a great sense of humor, always wanted to just be happy, go with the flow, loved to talk, hard worker, took good care of my mother, and loved to play ball with my brothers..he passed away suddenly at 68. He will always be missed and never forgotten.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Whew Saturday and What a Day!

Where do I begin? Yesterday Hannah, my 3 1/2 year old grandaughter came to stay overnight! Oh yeah! I showed her the finished top of the Dick and Jane quilt. She insisted on me taking her outside to get a picture of her with it even though it is not quilted and finished yet! Of course I said yes, I cannot say no! Then we played with sidewalk chalk! I have not done that since I was in grade school! Of course Hanni did the drawing and I encouraged her! Nice grammy huh!

Last night was fun, Hannah developed a fever, sniffles and my husband had to run out to buy childrens IB and Triaminic cough and cold per my daughter. Hannah had a temp that needed to come down. It felt like years ago, when my children were small. Oh boy, those years!

Today was ok, Hannah is feeling better, still a fever, not so high, and her mom is coming to pick her up. Her parents wanted to come right up last night to get her, we said NO! We want to take care of her! We cuddled her up with quilts, grammy's quilts! She loved it!

To top it off so far today I took four blood pressure pills instead of topomax that I am on! YUP! Accidently! Now the doctor had to be called. He said no driving for the next couple days, no heavy lifting, doing much of anything to put a strain on my heart, I will be very tired, do not get up fast, etc. but I will be ok. I want to sew! Will I be too tired? :)

Oh well trials and tribulations of my life.....oh and Happy Birthday to Luke and Tim! Yvonne's son and husband, hope they are having a great little getaway!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I will have to start quilting my finished tops..I guess

I have been working on the Dick and Jane Quilt Kit by Michael Miller. I purchased it from I am almost done. I have two more borders to put on. I am a little slow. It is fun to do. It brought back memories of when I was in school many moons ago. We learned to read slowly one word at a time. Look! Look Sally! See Spot! So this quilt is certainly a lot of fun to do. Do you think years from now there will be an Apple Computer Quilt Kit? hmmm...never know! Or a Microsoft Quilt Kit? One showing pictures of computer screens with mouse pads, cursors, etc. How technology has changed our world. That is something to think about.

I also made the Country Flag by Eleanor Burns of That is ready to be quilted. I enjoyed making that. I didn't use the basic red, white and blues. I went with a more primitive selection. Another project that is ready to be quilted is the Sangria Tablerunner by Thimbleberries. I am excited to get that done. I have new dishes and the colors will fit in just nicely.

Another project I am excited to start is called Dolly's House Quilt by Michelle Crawford of I have ordered from her before. I love her designs. I believe that is what I will finish next. That is what I have been trying to do this month so far. It has been slow because of recouping from surgery. I have not been feeling that well. Quilting, or piecing is my therapy!
I guess some of you girls are doing some stitchery. I have been doing some needle punch. I love it. My love for hand work is phenomenal. I also have been doing some Hawaiian Applique. Oh and my grandson's Christmas Stocking, that is needlepoint! I pray I get it done in time for Christmas this year. The hands can only take so much. I feel like all of this quilting, fabric, needlework, etc. is like being in a candy store, too much and you just don't know what you want to do, and staying focused is tough! Is that why there are UFO'S? hehehe.....

Saturday, September 01, 2007

LL Bean Home Catalog Came Today

I just love looking through catalogs! I love the inspirations I get from looking! Then I throw them away! YUP! This time though my husband was looking at the LL Bean Home Catalog! Why? He was commenting on their quilts! He even knew the names of them! Hey look honey he says, they have a flying geese quilt in here! I cannot believe he remembered last year when I was doing the border on the Thimbleberries quilt. He was asking me about the borders and what the squares were called! He does remember things! I guess my quilting is making an impression on him. I am doing good.