Monday, December 31, 2007

Stashbushing Report

I started my Kwik Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt. I am going to use up about 60 fat quarters! Oh Yeah! I am going to make this for our daughter Kate! It will be a lot of fun..other than that nothing to report. I have not bought anything..and am hoping to keep it that way! I have not figured out what to use for a backing yet. I am keeping focused with the fabrics I have.

It will be a nice month of January; just logging in what fabrics I have left to work with. I really look forward to it!

Last Day of December 2007-It's A Marshmallow World Here!

This is it! Last day of 2007! As I sit here at 4:30 A.M. it is snowing again! We have so much snow here the meteorologist is saying we broke a record going back to the 1800's for the month of December! It is gorgeous outside but I wouldn't mind moving to Arizona right about now! This storm will wind down about noon and another storm is brewing for New Years Day!
I am setting some goals for 2008:
1. to use up my stash I will make sure I work some projects around the fabrics-I was fortunate enough to have friends send me fabrics over the years as gifts or fq's too, as well as buying some, so I want them to be part of what I make. I must say that over the past six months I was pretty good about doing that, and will continue! I have not had a huge amount like some of the girls do, thank God! I would have no where to store it!
2. I am determined to make some paper piecing blocks. I have a acquaintance in Maine who is going to work with me! Thank you Alison! I am always wanting to learn something new every year..this is one thing I have been putting off.
3. I am going to do more with embroidery in my quilts etc.
4. I am going to plan a wedding quilt as my son will be getting married in two and a half years! I will start building the stash now for that, sorry Judy, have to do that..
5. I am going to take it one day at a time, sewing is my savior, since I am in more due to my health. If I can't do something one day it will wait until the next. Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can I say to myself all the time.
I am working on a Kwik Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt! It is fun to make and seems like I can let my mind wander a little while doing it! For me that is good. I have fibromyalgia and sometimes with the pain I am not so focused. I pick things that I can be a little messy with at times and laugh about it! I am using my stash which is great too! I will post pictures when it is finished. With more snow expected on New Years Day who knows maybe the entire top will be done this week! I am anxious to get it done, it seems like a lot of fun to make.
To all my online friends and others, thank you for a great year of friendship! I am so glad I have met you and hope to continue to have fun in 2008! I wish all of you the best of health and happiness for you and your families!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas! Now with 2008 coming I wish you all the best in the year to come!

This Christmas was low key for my husband and I. It was very nice. I had fun making pillow cases and embroidering names of the grandchildren on them with glow in the dark thread! It was such fun filling them with presents and seeing the look on our daughters faces when they received them and the grandchildren had so much fun opening them up! A lot of the gifts this year were personal for the grandchildren; I made quilts, pillowcases, or bought them things they would need.
Christmas day we went to dinner in the afternoon with extended family! What a nice meal we had. It was more of a feast! Let's just say with the family being Italian there was such an array of food, and it was continuous! I love Italian food, and that mixed in with ham, potatoes, squash, spinach, broccoli casserole, pineapple stuffing, on and on..oh boy! The deserts were to die for! My husband raved about the cheesecakes and said the hostesses mother should go into business and sell them! I must admit they were so pleasing to the eye as well as mouth watering!
Now as I sit here I wonder what to work on next! I guess it is finishing up a couple of things left from this past year! I will post pictures of them when I am finished. Then onto some things I want to make. I am trying to use up the rest of the stash. Not much left which is great!
To everyone all the best in 2008!
Erin Bennett

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Christopher!

My only son turned 25 today! I cannot believe he is 25! He is the youngest! Where did the time go! 25 years ago I was done the Rocky Horse quilt and it was sitting in the crib waiting for him to be born! He was born at 6:55 P.M. I have been blessed with a great son! He loves guitar, is an awesome player. He is finishing up his bachelor's degree (has his associates degree), is leaving in January 2008 to go on tour with his band, who just signed a contract with a record company (we will miss him!) and will be home off and on, and also just became engaged to a wonderful girl! Her name is Holly! I love it! My husband and I couldn't be blessed with a better family than what we have! Great news is to be shared with great friends!


I did some embroidery for fun! I bet you didn't know that I embroider! I will be posting more on that subject! When I do a lot of quilting I change over to embroidery or stitchery or something else once in a while! I like change. I am making some pillow cases for the grandchildren which I will post in the future. I am also having fun embroidering some towels for them! But here is a picture of the towel I started..I have to sew the ends of it! I just love redwork! The basket is on both ends.
SEW THAT IS IT FOR TODAY!!!! The good thing is I used fabric from
my stash!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

More Snow! Oh Boy More Sew!

This is the view outside my living room sliders. It is gorgeous this morning!

It is just 15.4 degrees here! We are expecting 6-10 inches of snow beginning at midnight! It could change over to sleet/ice! I must say we will be building a family of snowmen! I feel bad though. Here in the northeast we expect this but do not like it. I am not going to complain though. There are areas in the Midwest that are without power still. I pray they get their power back asap! I would not know what to do with myself without power..well maybe I would. I have a headlamp I bought from LL Bean a couple of years ago come to think of it! I bought it because of power loss for a few days and wanted to hand sew! I had nothing to sit by to hand sew. SEW I had to be prepared for the future! I should get that out, make sure the batteries are new, and be prepared for the winter here! I am going to do some machine embroidery and put the squares I do into a quilt. I like to switch into a different mode once in a while. IT is still 'quilting' but a different aspect.

As I do I will look out my windows at this view and watch the snow just accumulate tomorrow! This is the view outside my sewing room windows! snow and more to come!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2 More Quilts Finished

My Christmas Quilt - Ribbon Candy - made with Holly Jolly fabrics is DONE! One more from my list crossed off..The lime green in this quilt pops. My daughter Keri thought it was stunning. She also thought the size and pattern was great for a baby quilt also.

My Flannel Flower Quilt I had designed myself last year is DONE!!! I wanted a fun, funky flower children's do..and had fun doing it! It ended up being a king husband and I were laughing last night. We do not know a little girl who sleeps in a king size bed! Oh well...he said I got carried away as usual! Another from my list is crossed off!!! Phew....the stash is going down..down..down.. luckily I must say my grandaughter Hannah came over and loved the quilt so I took a picture of her with it. She will be four January 17th 2008! See how big this quilt is? The picture is not that is really pretty up close..I am not good at taking pictures. I wanted you to get the effect of the size. It is really snowing quite a bit now so if we loose power we can cuddle in the flannel quilt, thats all.

I am thrilled Hannah is here! She has not been here in months! With my health not so good over the past few months this is super special for me..I am thanking God for this special time..I love to spend time with my family or friends, any time I can get! Thank you Keri (our daughter) for bringing her here. We have four grandchildren! We love them all..and don't get to see them all very often. Sewing is my savior. Unfortunately we do not live close to them.

Today, here in NH we are expecting 6-10 inches of snow, yes snow. It could be more. I hope we do not loose power. The forcaster says we can get ice too. Then on Saturday December 15th we can get an additional 1-2 feet of snow! That storm will end on Sunday the 16th. That is the day our youngest will turn 25! I guess we cannot celebrate if I cannot get out to see him or he cannot get here! We will have to pick another day! He just moved out of the house five months is tough when the last one goes..maybe that is why I sew sew much!

I Have Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by to tell you five random things about myself ! Random

#1- I love plain old tea in the morning with skim milk and one sugar, no coffee for me. I drink my tea and say my prayers.
#2- I do not watch TV much. I love music so that is what I prefer..I will watch some the re-runs of I Love Lucy, Hallmark Channel, do not like horror movies at all.

#3- My very first quilt I made was in December 1982 for my son Christopher and I still have it! He turns 25 December 16th! It is worn, as a nephew and grandchildren have used it! Chris asked that I hold it for him..until he wants it someday!

#4- I make lists..I am the sticky queen. I have post it notes everywhere..packages in the draws.

#5- I love white chocolate more than milk chocolate, but have to admit do like milk chocolate. also am not a soda drinker, I drink water..

Here is a picture of my first quilt. It is called the Rocky Horse Quilt! Made on a Singer machine..

Instead of naming five more bloggers, I think if you are reading this blog, maybe you could comment on what random interests you have! Or you can post on your blog your random interests and I will leave a comment there! How about it? Oh and Happy Blogging..

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I finished my Thimbleberries Wall hanging! It is the Cover Story series. I love it! I am a sap for old fashioned Santa's anyway! This worked up pretty fast. This is a gift. I love making gifts.

My only hindrance was Woody sitting on the quilt as I was trying to quilt it! He has his own area to stay in. My ragdoll cat is not trained as well as Yvonne's ragdoll's --------------- ************ ( --------------I guess..not yet anyway..but..I have to say he is not even 2 years maybe his is just going to hit his terrible twos and then behave???? It did take a while for Yvonne to train her give me time I guess...right Yvonne? hehehe..

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What I did Today

I had some extra fabrics left over from the HOllY JOLLY line after making my Ribbon Candy Quilt. I took the nine patche blocks and the stripe blocks, put in a few triangles, added a few quarter borders, essentially came up with a design I liked and one that would fit my kitchen table and made it! I was determined to finish it. I wanted some Jolly atmosphere in my kitchen!
I also made my husband another chocolate creme pie. He loves them. He goes back and forth with his requests from apple to chocolate creme and vice versa.

I think that is enough for today! Thanks for stopping by!!