Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Upon Us

Summertime? Beach balls, sand, sun, rain showers, Popsicles and laughter are all reminiscence of fun in the summer. Families getting together for barbecues, talking about old memories, sharing new ones, speaking silently of hopes and dreams and missing members gone by. July 4Th is a time for Celebration of the birthday of our country and our freedom. It was so nice for me to make a quilted flag because I realized how hard it was for someone to actually design the flag and make it all by hand. Years ago it took a lot of time to sit down, find fabrics, work it, and finish it. I , and everyone else of course, am so lucky to have everything I need to make my life so much easier to just whiz through making things (not that fast but compared to hundreds of years ago!) so it is exciting to do! I realized that if I was Betsy Ross I would have given up. I would have had no motivation! I would have been a girl on a farm just grooming the horses. I would have loved the dogs, horses, and that would have been it for me! BUT since I live in this era, give me the sewing machine girls! Sewing and Quilting is what I love now!!! So the summer of 2007 is when I learned that I am not a "Betsy Ross" girl.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Absolutely Gorgeous Day

The sun is just touching the tips of the leaves as I sit here. The temp is 70, the air is dry and blue skies are going forever. I am listening to Journey play Lights. They came out with that song in the early 80's. My daughter Keri sang it when she was two! It was her favorite! That was until Jack and Diane came out on 45's and that was her first 45 I bought her, she was 4! Now she is 28, happily married, has a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 year old. Time goes by. Songs still play though. Quilt patterns remain the same too. Fabrics change and we change. We know what we love, don't like, and learn a lot. I know today is beautiful, and just because I didn't sleep last night I am not going to get down, I am going to enjoy the day somehow! Woody will enjoy it too! Time to cut out the Sangria table runner. I can do that sitting down. See ya!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August 1st Time to get ready for Fall?

Can you believe it is August already? Where is the year going? I am done my flag. I have to take a picture for you to see. Woody did help by attacking the binding as I was sewing it on!

I went to my favorite quilt shop yesterday. Pine Tree Quilt Shop in Salem NH is just perfect. I am excited to make a tablerunner for my kitchen. I purchased the pattern and fabrics called Sangria Splash by Thimbleberries. When you go to Pine Tree you are in awe. Have you seen the new mini irons that are out now? I did get a pink one. It will come in handy for me. Trying to manipulate a larger iron at times is difficult for me. Check them out!

Happy sewing! Erin and Woody