Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Friday!

I think with the Holiday last week I got confused on which days of the week I was floating in this week! I say floating, notice that! I feel like I am not with it! I feel like I am My Favorite Martian who just dropped in this week to see if I can sew for a while hehehe. It was a battle with Woody every time I went into the sewing room to sew. For some reason he wanted to play with the fabric, even if I gave him scraps he still loved the Holly Jolly fabrics and took off with them. If I shut him out he cried and cried. What a pain in the butt! So I must say he did in fact help sew this quilt top. I gave up and said, what the heck! So there it is, another top done from a kit I had in my stash. Now I will quilt it, and get it off the list. It is not a good picture but you get the jest of it. I am glad it is put together. I love the holidays with the music playing! I can listen to Christmas music all year! Have a great day!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Wishes to everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful day! I wish you the best in the upcoming Holiday Season! I am grateful for getting to know all of you, for having such a loving family and friends, and knowing such a great group of online friends! I have a lot to be thankful for, and as we said grace today I realized how lucky I was to be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner this year, as last year I was in the hospital! Last year I didn't even have a blog! How things change! Woody wasn't in our lives either!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My List

I was speaking with Yvonne (Quilting Down the Stairs) a few minutes ago about what I had been doing! Just hanging..well, made two pies and a pie shell. I did have a hair cut for..drum roll..$16.95! The best haircut I ever had oh yeah! I had no idea it would be that cheap! I have not had a haircut in months. I also had a doctor's appointment. I guess I have been busy. My husband has been busy taking me where I needed to go and helping me. BUT he doesn't help me with the works in progress..a quilting term we all know. I love to do that here goes!

Let's see...I am almost done the Dolly's House quilt! I am just finishing up the binding. Then I will post a finished picture of it. I have the other bindings to put on as well as the other quilts you see on the right to do.

I am working on a redwork Christmas stocking! I love it! It is so simple yet makes a perfect addition to the decor I have.

I have a Monkey quilt ready to start..I love the sock Monkey's don't you? They make me laugh. I love to laugh. I am using Judy's book to make the quilt! I love nine patches!!!

I also have a Cowgirl quilt ready to start! Yes we have a cowgirl in the family, actually two! One is taking lessons! We have had a birthday party where two ponies actually had to be put into a two car garage under a colonial house because of bad weather! The ponies needed to be sheltered and the owner left the party! We didn't know what to do with the ponies so we put them in the garages with us! We love ponies and horses! We have a cowboy in the family too, as well as a fireman! These children are under 12!

I have updated my list on the right...and it will be updated every Wednesday and I will write a brief paragraph about it. That way I will stay FOCUSED...hehehe. Yeah we will see about that.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Weekend Project will be binding

I thought I better make Pumpkin Boy before it is too late to really be excited to use him! Christmas will be here and Pumpkin Boy will take a back seat to the Holiday decorations! So I decided to make a quilt for the couch rather than a wallhanging out of Pumpkin Boy. It worked up pretty fast. I just have to bind it which I will do Friday. This is one of the the Thimbleberries designs.
Another Thimbleberries design was this Sangria tablerunner that I finished and needed to quilt! Now I just have to bind this! I do have the Sangria full size quilt kit also. That is something I can make up. It is cheery and bright! That will be fun to make and help me twiddle down my stash.

Does anyone remember the Country Flag? Well I stippled that too! Binding that will be on my list now too! I loved making this flag. It has the antique, primitive look.

Here is the Look and Learn Quilt also stippled too! Now you all know what I will be doing this weekend. Binding these projects..I am excited..then onto something new! I will look into my stash again and see what I can get into!!!

For me stippling was a fast easy way to get them quilted and out of the UFO piles. They look nice and are done.

I just made some chicken soup! Yummy for a nice brisk day! We might have some rainy weather tomorrow too so I thought my hubby might enjoy it! I have to admit I did give Woody some broth and chicken breast..He is the shrimp monster but maybe I can spoil him a little and compete with my hubby! Gary has this thing going with Woody, he and Woody eat a little Shrimp together, yep, best buddies!!! They ate it during the Red Sox playoffs. Now well...I won't even touch shrimp! So this is Woody today..sigh..I am not good at fixing red-eye so oh well he has gorgeous blue eyes! He has his Boston cap on..just hanging out.....

Thanks for stopping by..have a nice day!!!