Friday, March 02, 2012

February Color Palette Project Complete

I completed my project for Vicki's and Judy's February Challenge!  For me this was a tough one!  I wanted to use some Valentine's fabrics I had because I had a project I had previously worked on that had to get I pulled out my stash from that and started to ponder mm.

I always carry a notebook in my bag with me.. when I knit or in my handbag or pocketbook, whatever you gals call it! My notebook always gets torn up! So I made a notebook cover! It didn't come out the best but it is OK to throw in a bag! I used up some scraps and am happy! These are the colors we had to work from!

February - Figs
I had a lot of fun making my cover...everyone makes Kindle /Nook covers..IPad covers..maybe that will be my next project!  Or a sewing machine cover!  I need to make some quilts too..but I must say since I have had the notebook pages are not getting torn in the someone did ask why I prefer a notebook over the IPhone I carry with using Notes in the IPhone ...I use both!!  Ahhh the little things that make use happy..Plus  I have had situations that I have needed to leave someone a note..when they are not home and I have the paper with me!!!  This is my little Notebook!  Thanks everyone for stopping by!!! 


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Vicki @ DottyJane said...

That is cute! Functional, too:)

Janine said...

This is beautiful!

Vicki W said...

I like the way you interpreted the palette.