Friday, May 02, 2008


I read LA Quilter's post today and Vicki mentioned motivation Friday! Well what a great idea to have Motivation Fridays!

My Friday is so far NOT motivated at all..I am sitting here watching an experienced rug cleaner fix my rug! We brought home groceries, placed the bags on the carpet in the living room and what a surprise we got! A bottle of Clorox Clean-Up had leaked into the bag, and onto the carpet, and bleached a circle in the carpet! We learned a valuable lesson, put the grocery bags immediately in the kitchen, on the counters on floor!

This nice gentleman, Len, is going to do some spot cleaning for me too! Now that we have no 'visitors' with us~ we are back to setting up our little abode for the two of us and the rugs will be clean..when you have your two sons here to 'visit' at different times you are extremely happy to have them~ and also do a happy dance when they leave as you can see what you have to do to clean up! One was into Kool-Aid, nachos and salsa, chili! The other was into Red Bull~Italian sauce and place is having tile everywhere so if we ever have 'visitors' we can wash the floors!!!

I have accomplished nothing this past week! Sad but true!! My sewing machine is at the cleaning doctor..getting its' yearly cleaning/tune up. I have another machine to use as back up and can pull it I am going to go do that now! Have a great day!!!


Quilt Pixie said...

with your recent bleach episode, as well as Kool-aid etc listed, makes me think you might be due for a dyeing session ;-)

Love Bears All Things said...

We do get used to a quieter nest after the kids are gone, don't we?
I'm glad you had visitors and now can appreciate just the two of you more. Also was happy to see you'd posted.
Mama Bear

Vicky said...

I need to get my machine in for its check-up, too! Thanks for the reminder! I miss my hardwood floors. Don't like this carpet at all.