Friday, August 01, 2008

August Already!

Where has half the summer gone? I cannot believe it is August already! I have been having fun with my grandchildren! It is a joy to have them come visit, use the pool, and watch them learn how to swim! Other than that, we have been hanging around. We had Jenna here with her son Sy, who is going to be 3 in September Wednesday night...he loved swimming and playing with his grandpa! Today two more grandchildren are here...we went swimming, now they are playing, where you ask? In my sewing room..hehehe....

I did 'straighten out' the sewing room again...does anyone else have to do that once in a while? It if gets too messy I end up not wanting to go in there and sew! I cannot stand a mess and it does get real messy! I do realize that is hurting myself by not going in there, not doing something I really enjoy, but just swish that thought out of my mind and read a book...I just finished Danielle Steele's book, Rogue, it was OK...Years ago I loved all her books. Now I am not that interested in them for some reason...they do not have the zest they used to as far as I am concerned..they seem a lot book to the next. I did make another quilt top using Firefighter fabrics...I had fun doing I will quilt it.

I am going to start on another project..have to decide what...I have to be 'in the mood' to do it...I am doing Judy L's Star BOM that started today! I also am looking for fabrics that are country and fun at the same use in a stitchery project....when I find it I will let you know what it is..One thing that is great is because I am not able to drive for a long period or walk at least I enjoy being here and sewing, quilting, doing stitchery or reading...maybe next time I post I will show some pictures of what I have made so far...not much but it is nice to have pictures isn't it!!

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Libby said...

What fun to have grandkids stopping by to play *s* Enjoy this special time!