Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a Nice Surprise!

A couple of weeks ago a package came in the mail from Australia! Jan sent both Woody and I a nice surprise! What fun we both had opening the packages!! Thank you Jan! Jan is someone whom I have gotten to know online over the past months and am very glad I have! Here are some pictures of what she sent! Woody enjoys playing with his toys..loves his treats! I love the cats wall hanging too..awesome!

I am determined to learn how to knit a pair of socks. I started this after New Years! YUP! I am still on the first sock! I started it three times, tore it out, and now am starting it again, for the fourth time. I really have not been feeling well, but will get it...really will...if it takes me all year oh well I will learn it for sure! Hopefully down the road I can show you even a half of a sock!
Until tomorrow...


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Nice to get packages in the mail!

I'm knitting an afghan that I started about a year ago, my speed is so slow, LOL The idea of knitting a pair of socks? Yikes! scares me silly!

Good to hear from you and hope you're feeling better soon.

And good luck knitting those socks!

Jan said...

Great minds Erin!!! I've been wanting to knit a pair of socks too! Sue my friend in the UK has been knitting them and she's having such fun doing it. Must put you in touch with her! She's just lovely and know would help if you had any problems. Too hot here yet to be knitting socks but intend to have a go this coming winter. Hopefully you'll have ironed-out all the bugs so you can help me too! LOL So glad you liked the gifts...just had to send you both something after you had spoiled me so much! MUST email you....stay safe! Jan xxx

Jackie said...

I love to knit socks but they take me forever it seems. My first pair took like 6 months (and I took a class!). Have you heard of Ravelry? It's a knit and crochet community that you should really check out!

Packages are always such a nice surprise!