Saturday, June 25, 2011

Camp Loopy

I have been camping along with others at Camp Loopy! Yes I love smores...campfires...and girl talk...I am having a blast with my Camp Loopy Project! Started with Daybreak..yes- bought the pattern and yarn..but was not happy with the colors..frogged back a pattern I was working on prior to start of camp due to errors...and on June my Scalloped Malabrigo Book 3 .. The Shawl is on the cover! So happy to be camping in Cabin 5 with everyone who is similar to me -making up my mind..just hard to do sometimes! The shawl is half way done...I am using Malabrigo silky merino..pradera ~a color that reminds me of the ocean..mixed with sun and it...and will blend it in with a green/blue it will be a nice mix I think!
I also have been taking knitting classes at my local yarn shop and loving it! Having fun with a great group of girls! We are knitting everything from sweaters, socks, wraps, shawls, socks, to funky scarves! Summer time classes will be cut back as vacation time is upon us..that's ok...I am a very slow learner so for me it gives me time to catch up! I have 2 pairs of socks finished..well sort of..just toes need to be sewn up..will start on my third pair! 2 Scarves are in the works...Plus I will have some medical procedures so time off is ok with me!
On the quilting aspect of the things..I have some things cut...will get back to sewing soon...had a lot of fun at my local quilt shop this winter...we participated in the Jo Morton Club..I loved it! I do have to finish up those projects!
Happy Summer everyone!


Deb Levy said...

Pretty colors Erin! I haven't gotten past socks with my knitting...probably won't either, so I'll just enjoy yours :)

Yvonne said...

I'm glad you found some new friends. :)

Candace said...

Sounds like you have had some fun times and got lots done. I hope your medical procedures go or went well.

Jan said...

WOW Erin!! You've been having a great time with your knitting! Good on you chook!! LOVE that green wool and would love to see a pic of the scallop shawl? How beautiful is that yarn!!!!! LOVE it. Bet it's lovely to knit with too? You mentioned medical procedures? Hope all is well hon. Woody is such a lovely buddy...I'm jealous! Should have sent you an email! LOL Just finished posting on our new blog so go have a look when you get the chance? Love, Jan xxx