Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My Paperpiecing Class

December 3, 2011 I took a paper piecing class with Carol Doak at Pine Tree Quilt Shop!  I loved it!  The class was full, had a waiting list!  I was hesitant to go as my son married the most wonderful girl the night before!  But I packed up my gear and went..determined to learn paper piecing for the last time..I took a class with Carol a few years back and didn't remember how to do it!  Here is the class piece I made!  It was not completely finished in this picture!

After I practiced more I made a couple different designs to send to some family is one of them!

I finished off the cards by stamping them and adding my name...In Carol's book, 50 Little Paper-Pieced Blocks there are numerous patterns and it also tells you how to make these cards along with ideas for year round gift giving!  You can make cards, small quilts, framed pieces, whatever you want!  I was lucky enough to purchase the book with my class fee...signed by Carol!  Now I am confident I can practice paper piecing and get better as I go along!  I am taking that off my bucket list! 

Enjoy your day!

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Yvonne said...

Pretty....always fun when you finally master something. :)