Saturday, September 15, 2007

Whew Saturday and What a Day!

Where do I begin? Yesterday Hannah, my 3 1/2 year old grandaughter came to stay overnight! Oh yeah! I showed her the finished top of the Dick and Jane quilt. She insisted on me taking her outside to get a picture of her with it even though it is not quilted and finished yet! Of course I said yes, I cannot say no! Then we played with sidewalk chalk! I have not done that since I was in grade school! Of course Hanni did the drawing and I encouraged her! Nice grammy huh!

Last night was fun, Hannah developed a fever, sniffles and my husband had to run out to buy childrens IB and Triaminic cough and cold per my daughter. Hannah had a temp that needed to come down. It felt like years ago, when my children were small. Oh boy, those years!

Today was ok, Hannah is feeling better, still a fever, not so high, and her mom is coming to pick her up. Her parents wanted to come right up last night to get her, we said NO! We want to take care of her! We cuddled her up with quilts, grammy's quilts! She loved it!

To top it off so far today I took four blood pressure pills instead of topomax that I am on! YUP! Accidently! Now the doctor had to be called. He said no driving for the next couple days, no heavy lifting, doing much of anything to put a strain on my heart, I will be very tired, do not get up fast, etc. but I will be ok. I want to sew! Will I be too tired? :)

Oh well trials and tribulations of my life.....oh and Happy Birthday to Luke and Tim! Yvonne's son and husband, hope they are having a great little getaway!



mar said...

Hannie is sooo cute1 Hope she's feeling better. Is the quilt for her?

Erin said...

yes it is for Hannah! She is so excited...she is feeling better too!

swooze said...

Kids are so great! They always fill my heart with joy!

Welcome to the Stashbuster webring.

Jeanne said...

Hannah is just adorable and the Dick and Jane quilt is wonderful. It sure looks like she is thrilled with it, too.