Friday, March 07, 2008

Saturday a Day to do what?

This is the Annie I made with the help of De's patterns and had a blast! I am NOT good at taking pictures so the coloring is not exactly right. I will cut patterns out next week.

I am really bummed today. I have been sick with a stomach virus for the past three days! I wanted to go to Yvonne's dad's wake this afternoon. I was just too sick to go. My daughter and her husband are going..Yvonne is my best friend. I know what it is like loosing your dad (my dad passed away May of 2006) and wanted to go for her as well as for me to say good bye to a wonderful, generous, caring, loving, patient....great father, husband, grand father, great-grandfather! He has gone on to heaven for sure! When I was in the company of Yvonne's parents they were always so vibrant and welcoming! Yvonne is just the same way!We have raised our children together but now I live about 25 miles away from her..sigh..and driving for me is tough most of the time so I do not see her much. We still keep in touch via Internet, phone and once in a while visits. I thank God for finding such a nice friend!

Off to get some more rest..oh and go to HFC'S record company and check out my son's new CD that is coming out March 11! I have to be honest..this music is not my cup of tea..hehehe..but I am so proud! Christopher is touring and playing and happy..Maybe your kids would be interested or even know who they are...we did buy some Cd's and will see them when they come to Nashua at the end of the month!

For those of you wondering what Woody is up to, well he is now getting tired of his food, wants shrimp and is aggravated! His ruff is growing quite nicely, but it is funny it curls when it gets wet and he reminds me having Santa's beard! Woody will be 2 years old May 31! He must weight 17 lbs! We measured his body length and yes he is 29"! We had to measure him because he does not fit in his post where he likes to sleep..time for a huge one if they sell them!!!

Some of you wanted the pattern for the Quilter's Journey block I posted! I purchased my BOM from the Buggy Barn I love their items..I am about done the center block..yippee!


Love Bears All Things said...

I like your Annie. I am going to make one when I finish this quilt class. I haven't posted the blocks from this week because one pattern isn't finished. We are making Flying Geese and Grandma's Spools. Next week will be tough, we're doing a Compass. I purchased some more fat quarters so I'd have a yellow for it. It looks a little like a sun to me and I wanted the center and outline to be yellow.
Mama Bear

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh yes, we were wondering about Woody for sure! Spoiled on Shrimp is he? Well isn't that so cute? hee! Meoowww's must be loud.

Poor Woody. ;)

Kitty Love, *karendianne.

De said...

I hope you are feeling better today Erin. I love your annie and that Woody is a handsome dude! That is exciting new about your son, I know you are so proud of him!