Monday, March 03, 2008

March 3 2008

I realized I have not posted in a month! That is terrible of me! I guess I am a slacker and am so sorry! We had the flu.. grandchildren came and stayed too! We have four grandchildren and have seen all of them quite a bit which has been very nice..they are 4, 2, 2, 23 mos.

I have been sewing some on the black, red and white crazy log cabin..all blocks are done and rows are put together. When the borders are on I will post a picture. I also did some stitchery and the center square of 'something' is just about done! I will also post a picture of that but not until that last word is done! I made a bunny too! So I will post pictures maybe tonight or tomorrow..we have had quite a bit of snow here..I am really hoping spring comes fast here in New England. An online friend from Vegas was telling me last night it was 80 degrees there and sunny!

More to come in the next couple days! Let me know what you have been working on!!

Until tomorrow!


Karen Dianne Lee said...

Well I've been working on wondering what Woody's been up to that's what I've been working on. ;)

So so so happy to see you pop your head up. Look forward to pics and maybe you can include some cats in there, too!

Pesky Reader Love, *karendianne.

De said...

Oh Erin, I forgot about you being sick, say no more! I can't wait to see your photos, I'll be dropping back in! De