Friday, October 17, 2008

My Stitchers Angel Gift Arrived!!!

Thank you Cecilia! What a pleasant surprise to see a package for me!! I opened it and was in awe! Cecilia lives in Northern Sweden! She and her family live in Skelleftea on the east coast of Sweden! She is married and has two little boys, ages 1 1/2 years and five months old!
Cecilia sent me multiple items, such as a block roll, a bag (both have stitchery), a needle case (her own design!), a brooch ( you can use it to pin on you, and then put pins there instead of the blouse, shirt or jersey you are wearing!), some chocolate (which is not pictured because it was already devoured!), and a necklace with the cloudberry on it, which is called "the gold of the forest" there, handmade by Cecilia's mother, who is also a quilter! I will tell you the chocolates had cloudberry in them and omg, yummy! I have a little angel notepad to write down my notes...oh oh and a specially made measuring tape, it is a little bird, a crow!! Little did she know I love those little measuring tapes...and the bird is so adorable!! I just pull the birds tail and out comes the tape to measure! What is also nice is now were are emailing each other, so I have another online friend!

Thank you Cecilia!! Go visit her blog and say hello to my Stitcher's Angel! Thank you to Helen also who is in charge of this fantastic swap!



Yvonne said...

Very nice.....they look so pretty!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Wow! what wonderful goodies you received! I just love the block roll, the stitchery on it is wonderful. But then everything else in the pic is fabulous too! Enjoy!

Stina said...

I know Cecilia ...and I have seen some of the gifts before she sent I know they are super!! Lucky you!! :o)