Monday, October 08, 2007

Primitive Pumpkins

I am making pumpkins for a pumpkin swap! It is fun! I have to make 36 Primitive Pumpkins! I have two done, 34 more to go. I was assigned creme colored pumpkins with either a tan or beige background. I chose Buggy Barn fabrics. I also chose a green stem with Perle' Cotton 8 Color 783 (orange/gold) to do the stem stitch and blanket stitch and I did it by hand. That is what I worked on this weekend. I also had to wash and dry the fabrics. I used Lite Steam a Seam 2 by The Warm Company to fuse the creme fabric onto the beige fabric. While doing the pumpkins Gary and I watched Knocked UP, the movie! It was hilarious! We really enjoyed it! It was something we would not really have picked but our son mentioned we should watch it. We were glad we did.

This past Saturday Gary and I went to the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield Massachusetts! We saw the World Record Giant Pumpkin! 1,689 lbs! Talk about huge! I cannot imagine growing that and transporting that. The day was gorgeous, the crowds were in awe looking at this pumpkin!

We also saw a beautiful sand sculpture, some gorgeous flower arrangements, the rides and lots of food. There were numerous quilts to see also.

Well fairs are nice, crowds are not for me. I do love the fried dough though, or the fresh air, see the children go on the rides, painted faces, people just enjoying life. It creates nice memories.


Jeanne said...

I can't imagine growing or moving that huge pumpkin either. Thanks for the picture. The quilts in the photo look very pretty.

mar said...

Wow, Half Moon Bay on the California coast had their pumpkin contest, it 1500 something almost as big!I heard that on the radio and wondered just how big that is... now I see! Looks like a wonderful fair, with a little bit of everything! Your pumpkins are adorable!!

Kathy Wagner said...

That is one huge pumpkin!
I like your fabric pumpkins!

Yvonne said...

Great job on your pumpkin, cute fabrics. I'm glad you got to the fair....we didn't get to any this year.