Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ideas needed

I found these fabrics above at a local quilt shop. the center one is the black background with white, the others are white with black. They are for card players I think! I saw them and thought of my sister in law. She has been asking me to make something, even small, for her, to bring her luck! She is an avid bridge player. Her screen name for IM is Sevenhearts2U! Thus the heart fabric you see too! Now I have to decide what to make. Of course I can add on with other fabrics and make a small quilt, or wall hanging. I can make a quilted chair pad, or what? Any ideas? I do not play cards or know anyone who plays bridge. Linda plays bridge weekly, goes to tournaments, and is quite involved. I have other fabrics in my stash if needed, blacks and whites. I will ponder some more until either I get the right idea or someone has it. I guess I will start Kate's quilt and continue making those 'pumpkins' hehehe....on number 5....and counting.

I am now making stuffed peppers! That will be our dinner tonight.

IT is rainy, dark, windy, BUT, the leaves are just gorgeous! The palate is perfect. Nature knows how to match colors to make a perfect leaf quilt for the birds!


Quilt Pixie said...

assuming your sister plays with real cards, not just on line how about: a card table fitted cover, a cover for the score card, a small "bag" for the decks of cards to go into, a set of four coasters so each player has one. Suitable for virtual playing: seat cushions, a vest to wear, a mouse pad, coasters..

amandajean said...

you could make her a quilted purse with several fabrics...she could use it on her card playing nights.

something like this:

(not to toot my own horn, but this is what comes to mind. :) )

Sue in western WA said...

Well, I thought of the card table cover too... or a seat cushion she could take with her to games. I like the other ideas you've already been given too. A purse or tote bag is a great idea!

Sue in western WA said...

Tag, you're it! I've tagged you for a meme on my blog. Check it out and see if you want to play along!