Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beautiful Fall Day!

As I sit here and write this blog I am so fortunate to have a great view of the fall foliage. IT is breathtaking here in NH. The sun is glistening through the leaves, the chipmunks are running around trying to gather their nuts for the winter, the squirrels are fending them off so they can keep their finds, and leaves are falling so delicately to the ground! It is quiet and the breeze is so gentle right now. It is so nice and relaxing. You really cannot get the full effect of the colors because the sun is playing "peek-a-boo"!

At the same time I am praying for the people out in California as well as those in New Orleans. I am sure everyone has heard about the wild fires in California and more flooding in New Orleans. It makes you realize how much Mother Nature has control over us. In the end we have to put our faith in the lord and pray that everyone will be ok.

Now for better news I was very fortunate to receive a phone call from Cheryl Cohorn at http://www.fatquartershop.com/ who informed me that I won a Madeira jelly roll! I am so lucky!

If you have not done so, sign up for their newsletter The Jolly Jabber at http://fatquartershop.blogspot.com/

They have all sorts of informative things on fabrics, etc., along with recipes, and contests and maybe you too can win! Most of all they are an awesome shop, have great customer service and wonderful to work with! Their shipping is fast too!

Off to sew some pumpkins and wait for a call from my cardiologist. Let's hope that whatever the problem is, it will be a blip for now, as too many blips have caused a huge blob..hehehe it seems the more tests they do the more they find..

Oh anyone do any rug hooking? Just wondering if anyone has any input? need info..like pointers..? advice?


Quilting Journey said...

Sending lots of 'soft' hugs your way and lots of good thoughts from my heart to yours! I don't know what kinds of health challenges you face, Erin, but I can tell just by reading all of your posts that you definitely have a big heart...blips or no blips. (((hugs!)))

Greenmare said...

gorgeous fall~ I love it too. Keep your chin up, all your quilter friends will be pulling for you~

Yvonne said...

You gonna hook a rug????? Nice view!

gloria g. said...

Hi Erin, it's gloria g. also doing the pumpkins! I have taken one rug hooking class, it is very easy, fun, and I have more wool and patterns that I will every do. Especially since quilting always comes first. But it is fun, you can design your own patterns and hook away! I say go for it. And I'm sure your cardiologist would approve. I will say a prayer for you all will be well, and you will be at peace with whatever you receive. Good thoughts coming your way from Texas. Your cat Woody is adorable!!!! gloria g. :>)