Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Friday!

I think with the Holiday last week I got confused on which days of the week I was floating in this week! I say floating, notice that! I feel like I am not with it! I feel like I am My Favorite Martian who just dropped in this week to see if I can sew for a while hehehe. It was a battle with Woody every time I went into the sewing room to sew. For some reason he wanted to play with the fabric, even if I gave him scraps he still loved the Holly Jolly fabrics and took off with them. If I shut him out he cried and cried. What a pain in the butt! So I must say he did in fact help sew this quilt top. I gave up and said, what the heck! So there it is, another top done from a kit I had in my stash. Now I will quilt it, and get it off the list. It is not a good picture but you get the jest of it. I am glad it is put together. I love the holidays with the music playing! I can listen to Christmas music all year! Have a great day!


Libby said...

You know you have a winner on your hands when it is pet approved *s*

gloria g. said...

Employee's! Gotta love em!!! Is he a doll or what?

gloria g. Richards, TX

Karen Dianne Lee said...

I love how this came out and you did a great job with the border fabric, too!

Woody cracks me up! He's so cuteamous.

De said...

I love Woody! But I am just a sucker for the furkids!