Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Report

Hola' It's Sunday Gals! Here is my report..nothing to report..or nada..I am at a standstill..I pressed more stash..and am ready to cut more blocks for the Kwik Crazy Log Cabin Quilt..I still cannot find that one block I made and am missing!! My husband and I are sick with bronchitis so I do not feel like sewing much. My asthma is flaring up so that brings on more meds and blah blah blah. Thats when I loose focus. Here are the pictures of my stash that shows the red that is going in black and white quilt. Two of our girls have tattoo symbols that mean faith, purity, love, peace, etc. so I chose this red fabric by KonaBay to make the black and white fabrics POP! Have a great week!!!!
P.S. This post was written on Sunday and I thought I posted it, I must have felt so horrible, I saved it instead!! sorry!! After I wrote it we headed out to get some juice, popsicles, etc. and I never checked the blogs.


country mouse said...

Oh Erin, I hope you and hubby are feeling better soon. Bronchitis...yuck! I was going through some older QT posts and found that you had posted you had a blog so I wanted to come visit. I have loved reading them for a while, and just started one of my own. I have ya bookmarked, so I can come back often and check on what's new with you :cD JaDee

Love Bears All Things said...

I came over to read your Live Well post but couldn't find it.
Mama Bear