Saturday, December 15, 2007

More Snow! Oh Boy More Sew!

This is the view outside my living room sliders. It is gorgeous this morning!

It is just 15.4 degrees here! We are expecting 6-10 inches of snow beginning at midnight! It could change over to sleet/ice! I must say we will be building a family of snowmen! I feel bad though. Here in the northeast we expect this but do not like it. I am not going to complain though. There are areas in the Midwest that are without power still. I pray they get their power back asap! I would not know what to do with myself without power..well maybe I would. I have a headlamp I bought from LL Bean a couple of years ago come to think of it! I bought it because of power loss for a few days and wanted to hand sew! I had nothing to sit by to hand sew. SEW I had to be prepared for the future! I should get that out, make sure the batteries are new, and be prepared for the winter here! I am going to do some machine embroidery and put the squares I do into a quilt. I like to switch into a different mode once in a while. IT is still 'quilting' but a different aspect.

As I do I will look out my windows at this view and watch the snow just accumulate tomorrow! This is the view outside my sewing room windows! snow and more to come!


gloria g. said...

Oh this is beautiful! Yes, get out that head lamp, you may just need it. Our electricity went out last evening due to the winds and rain that came in. But this is just like a picture post card! Keep up the good work!

gloria g. Richards, TX

Kathie said...

just love the view out your window!
I hope we get that much snow tomorrow too! All the snow from the other day has melted here in NJ ...bring on the snow I just love to hand quilt and watch the snow!

Sue in western WA said...

Hope you got out that headlamp; what a terrific idea! I can think of times when I could have used one! Stay warm :- )

Libby said...

The headlamp is an inspired idea *s* The views of the snow are just lovely.