Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of December 2007-It's A Marshmallow World Here!

This is it! Last day of 2007! As I sit here at 4:30 A.M. it is snowing again! We have so much snow here the meteorologist is saying we broke a record going back to the 1800's for the month of December! It is gorgeous outside but I wouldn't mind moving to Arizona right about now! This storm will wind down about noon and another storm is brewing for New Years Day!
I am setting some goals for 2008:
1. to use up my stash I will make sure I work some projects around the fabrics-I was fortunate enough to have friends send me fabrics over the years as gifts or fq's too, as well as buying some, so I want them to be part of what I make. I must say that over the past six months I was pretty good about doing that, and will continue! I have not had a huge amount like some of the girls do, thank God! I would have no where to store it!
2. I am determined to make some paper piecing blocks. I have a acquaintance in Maine who is going to work with me! Thank you Alison! I am always wanting to learn something new every year..this is one thing I have been putting off.
3. I am going to do more with embroidery in my quilts etc.
4. I am going to plan a wedding quilt as my son will be getting married in two and a half years! I will start building the stash now for that, sorry Judy, have to do that..
5. I am going to take it one day at a time, sewing is my savior, since I am in more due to my health. If I can't do something one day it will wait until the next. Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can I say to myself all the time.
I am working on a Kwik Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt! It is fun to make and seems like I can let my mind wander a little while doing it! For me that is good. I have fibromyalgia and sometimes with the pain I am not so focused. I pick things that I can be a little messy with at times and laugh about it! I am using my stash which is great too! I will post pictures when it is finished. With more snow expected on New Years Day who knows maybe the entire top will be done this week! I am anxious to get it done, it seems like a lot of fun to make.
To all my online friends and others, thank you for a great year of friendship! I am so glad I have met you and hope to continue to have fun in 2008! I wish all of you the best of health and happiness for you and your families!


Linda said...

All that lovely snow, could you send some to OK? I just adore snow. Great goals for 2008. You'll enjoy the paper piecing, it's so relaxing and messy... Pleased to see yet another quilter who wants to include hand embroidery into a quilt. Look forward to seeing your results. Happy NY.

Bren said...

Don't listen to Linda!! LOL She will get plenty of snow next year when she moves! As for me, you may keep all of your snow. We have enough!! I do not remember a winter with this much snow before January. Happy Happy New Years!!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Snow....I went to bed with the air conditioner on.....
What a great list of "to do's" for 2008...thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words...Happy New Year

Yvonne said...

Happy New Year Erin....hoping the new year brings you much happiness!