Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Christopher!

My only son turned 25 today! I cannot believe he is 25! He is the youngest! Where did the time go! 25 years ago I was done the Rocky Horse quilt and it was sitting in the crib waiting for him to be born! He was born at 6:55 P.M. I have been blessed with a great son! He loves guitar, is an awesome player. He is finishing up his bachelor's degree (has his associates degree), is leaving in January 2008 to go on tour with his band, who just signed a contract with a record company (we will miss him!) and will be home off and on, and also just became engaged to a wonderful girl! Her name is Holly! I love it! My husband and I couldn't be blessed with a better family than what we have! Great news is to be shared with great friends!


I did some embroidery for fun! I bet you didn't know that I embroider! I will be posting more on that subject! When I do a lot of quilting I change over to embroidery or stitchery or something else once in a while! I like change. I am making some pillow cases for the grandchildren which I will post in the future. I am also having fun embroidering some towels for them! But here is a picture of the towel I started..I have to sew the ends of it! I just love redwork! The basket is on both ends.
SEW THAT IS IT FOR TODAY!!!! The good thing is I used fabric from
my stash!


Libby said...

Happy Birthday to your son . . . I think our greatest gift is seeing our children well grown and prospering in life *s* Enjoy!

gloria g. said...

Oh Erin, happy birthday to your son, and I'm so happy for his engagement! Thanks for sharing it with us all! Keep us posted and maybe a wedding quilt is in order!

gloria g. in Richards, RX

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Happy birthday to your son. They grow up fast huh? Mine are 25 and 28. WHOA!!
Love your redwork. I too switch off to embroidery between quilting. It's relaxing to me.

De said...

You have a nice looking son! and redwork is my favorite embroidery, I love RED!