Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I finished my Thimbleberries Wall hanging! It is the Cover Story series. I love it! I am a sap for old fashioned Santa's anyway! This worked up pretty fast. This is a gift. I love making gifts.

My only hindrance was Woody sitting on the quilt as I was trying to quilt it! He has his own area to stay in. My ragdoll cat is not trained as well as Yvonne's ragdoll's --------------- ************ ( http://quiltingdownthestairs.blogspot.com/) --------------I guess..not yet anyway..but..I have to say he is not even 2 years old..so maybe his is just going to hit his terrible twos and then behave???? It did take a while for Yvonne to train her cats..so give me time I guess...right Yvonne? hehehe..


De said...

That Woody is a doll alright!

De said...

My kitty was 19 when I lost her a few years ago. We named her "Old Woman" when she was only 6 weeks old. She lived up to her name. She was an only child all those years. It took 5 mutts to fill her shoes and I still miss her! She would always get right on top of what I was trying to work on.